Often people focus on the downside of an event but I prefer to see the positive that comes from it.  September 2017 was one of those times in life where you could either be defeated or learn your strength.  St. Thomas, the island I adore, was battered by two Category 5 hurricanes within 13 days of each other.  95% of the island was left without power; phone poles and trees were strewn about like children's toys and people were walking around shocked and emotionally battered.  It was a challenging time for our island.

It was at this time that people either gave up or found their inner strength.  I found it easier to move forward and start reclaiming my life and property than to be defeated by a single series of events.  My home had no electricity or running water for 112 days, over 100 trees were leveled and my home sustained severe interior water damage.  Instead of focusing on what happened I preferred to concentrate on what I still had.  My home had a roof, I was left uninjured along with all of my pets and my car had only minor cosmetic damage.  After the storm, I met neighbors that I had never met, got plenty of exercise outside and was able to offer assistance to others on island with a more immediate need than my own.

The hurricanes, while unpleasant, did not defeat me.  They did not define who I am.  They were events that strengthened my self-identity and reaffirmed that I could be positive even when it is a challenging time.  I woke up every day and got something accomplished.  It was a time for reflection and focusing on what really matters in life.  It taught me with proper preparation and the right attitude that I could do anything.  As soon as I got electricity, some source of internet and access to my records I started my MBA.  It was time to stop delaying what I could be doing today to move forward with accomplishing life goals.

If you have a dream...chase it.  If you have a goal...make steps to accomplish it.  If you have life...you always have a chance to make a difference!