• Received awards from both the Civil Air Patrol and Red Cross for volunteer efforts.
  • CPA (TN), CFE (Fraud), CRMA (Risk Mgt), CGMA (Management Accounting), CHIAP (Healthcare Audit)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration MBA - Healthcare Administration (current student)
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio
  • Endorsed by co-workers and fellow volunteers on my LinkedIn page.
  • ACL international conferences AHIA conferences - Physician Transactions, Drug Diversion, Reporting
  • I have supervised staff and interns in multiple organizations
  • I volunteer whenever the need arises. I volunteer across multiple organizations.


Anna Cuson
You are always impacting those around you.  Make it positive with a smile, word of encouragement or kind gesture.  You never know how your actions will impact another so make sure you are that positive point of contact in their day.  You can never go wrong by just doing the right thing!
The COVID-19 pandemic has made me appreciate the value of being an internal auditor! Having the comprehensive understanding of the organization combined with an ability to identify and mitigate risks has resulted in adding value to a hospital.  I have been able to interact with all levels of the organization from the Board to the frontline staff to communicate key information to reduce anxiety.  It was an honor to be able to ensure frontline staff had adequate PPE through capturing inventory levels for key supplies, calculation of burn rates and days on hand driven by patient volume based on patient type.  During the pandemic, even during the peak of the surge, the hospital never ran out of PPE.


  1. Audit Manager, Crowe Healthcare Consulting

    I am a client-based internal audit manager at a hospital in Los Angeles County.  I am responsible for all facets of internal audit including risk assessment, audit plan, testing and  remediation.  I also provide quarterly updates with the Board.

  2. MBA - Healthcare Administration, Sullivan University

    I am currently pursuing my MBA with a focus in Healthcare Management.  I only have four classes left and can elect to accelerate.  My current graduation target is June 2022.

  3. -
    Disaster Recovery Consultant, BDO

    I joined BDO - USVI in January 2019 as a Disaster Recovery Consultant.  In that role, I was able to assist various organizations in the US Virgin Islands as they continue to recover from the devastation of two Category 5 hurricanes that struck the islands within 13 days of each other.

  4. -
    Senior Internal Auditor, International Capital & Management Company (ICMC)

    ICMC is a niche consulting firm based in St. Thomas, VI.  I was with their Internal Audit team with my primary focus being healthcare.  My primary client was Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) where I performed financial, operational and clinical reviews. 

    For example, I performed a review of the "cradle-to-grave" processes related to controlled substances.  This review started at the point the controlled substance was ordered through the dispense to the patient or wasting of the drug.  This review focused on the internal controls to help ensure compliance with both Federal and State regulations applicable to the sites.  It also detail tested the inventory, individual licensing and security surrounding the controlled substances at the various points of the process.  This review included facilities in five different states across the country.

  5. -
    Senior Internal Auditor, Self Regional Healthcare (SRH)

    I established the internal audit function at SRH.  I reported directly to the VP of Compliance and Internal Audit.  I created an audit charter, policies and procedures, audit reports, testing templates, risk assessment and presentations.  I was also tasked with training and supervising staff in both the Internal Audit and Compliance functions.  I created a bi-annual risk-based audit plan.  My department reported directly to the Board and administratively to the CEO.  

    My team performed the full spectrum of internal audits including financial, operational and compliance reviews.  We also performed investigations related to potential data breaches, drug diversions, cash thefts, etc.  The audit team also performed a bi-annual full risk assessment for the organization every two years with a 99% participation rate.  We prepared all work papers, testing and reports to support the findings.  

    While at SRH, we also added ACL and ACL-GRC to our arsenal of audit tools.  It allowed us to engage ACL consultants to design continual audit tools while we continued performing audits.  The ACL monitoring allowed us to effectively and efficiently monitor those processes that posed continual risk to the organization.  The use of technology helped us to perform a wide variety of testing with a small staff.

Proudest Accomplishment

I helped organize and participate in a four day community event for the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

Experience Highlights

  • Certified Public Accountant since 2001
    Achieved CPA while working full-time
  • Volunteer Activities
    Served as a major in airforce auxiliary and a disaster voluteer with red cross

Education Highlights

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    graduated magna cum laude in less than four years while working full-time
  • MBA - Healthcare Administration
    currently pursuing mba while working full-time


  • Disaster Response
    i am passionate about helping those who have experienced a catastrophic loss
  • Developing Young Leaders
    it is important to mentor young people and help them develop skills and attitudes for success


  • Expanding personal experiences
    I enjoy hiking, swimming, reading, meeting new people and visiting new places
  • Continual Personal Development
    it is important to continually learn new things and strengthen current skills


  • 3.71
  • 119
    CAP volunteers organized & supervised for katrina
  • 4
    day event for 9/11 for veterans & 1st responders


  • Internal Audit
  • internal controls
  • process improvement
  • Risk assessment
  • healthcare

Questions & Answers

Why did you choose your profession?
I believe that I can make a difference. I am not a doctor or nurse but I help ensure that patient care is delivered in a safe and efficient manner.  
Who are your main influences?
My family, mentors and volunteer organizations have all molded me into who I am today.
What is my greatest accomplishment?
I am the first female in my family to graduate from college.
What are you working on right now?
I am working on obtaining funding for various organizations in the US Virgin Islands in the aftermath of Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria.
What are your long-term goals?
I would like to complete my MBA.


  • Three of my boys relaxing
    Three of my boys relaxing
  • Hurricanes Irma and Maria left their mark with hurricane ambiance
    Hurricanes Irma and Maria left their mark with hurricane ambiance



Welcome to my website

Often people focus on the downside of an event but I prefer to see the positive that comes from it.  September 2017 was one of those times in life where you could either be defeated or learn your strength.  St. Thomas, the island I adore, was battered by two Category 5 hurricanes within 13 days of each other.  95% of the island was left without power; phone poles and trees were strewn about like children's toys and people were walking around shocked and emotionally battered.  It was a...

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